Tuesday, November 03, 2009

About a week

I can't believe it's been about a week since I wrote. Time's gone by so fast. I'm so glad we get to see mom and Seth tomorrow!!! woo hooo! (sorry mary and geoff's family).
let's see. right now we're out at my aunt glenda's getting pampered and relaxing. beto even brought out his supplies and has gotten to use some of uncle kirk's tools to make some painting frames a lot faster than he did at our house.
tonight we drove to LAX with laura heida to meet a friend for dinner. this friend, we'll call her ashely beck, had a layover on her way to china, so we went to In N Out. good times and great pictures! many laughs.

Sunday we went to Los Altos Church of Christ with my aunts and uncle bruce and saw many old friends (i mean, that have known me since before i was born). afterwards aunt glenda took us out to lunch at Ruby's and then she spent the night at our house. Monday we had to go downtown to try to get beto a tourist VISA to go to Canada. See, his VISA expires Dec. 5 and he has to leave the country for at least a few days and then come back to the USA and gets another six months. To get a canadian visa we had to get there to the embassy before 10:30am but someone didn't read the website correctly and thought we had till 4:30. but the security guard was very kind and looked over the application and gave us some advice, such as needing to get proof of bank statements and tax forms of the person who will fund the trip (for only three days, remember?!) which is my mom, but she was still in london. and we had to get a letter from beto's employer that he would be returning to his home country to work. my gosh! all that for a three day trip! we americans are really blessed that we can go ust about anywhere with just a passport!

so after talking to my aunt she called her son who works for ins and he said beto should go to guate and fly back in thru seatlle where he works and he can stamp him in. so that's what we'll do.

so i saved this draft and now it's two days later. mom and seth got in early yesterday and today we did laundry and mom and i went for much needed manis and pedis. we hd a fun day with santi. laura heida came over for a bit and we had a good Bible study with mom and Beto.

pray for seth. he got really sick all of a sudden tonight. he's sleeping now. i pray he sleeps all night and wakes up feeling just fine and refreshed. we hope that it was only just a matter of being exhausted!

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