Thursday, November 01, 2012

Happy Halloween! actually these are pretty random

That's at like a 90 degree angle, dude!

Year round Christmas Store at Knotts

Date night: Chipotle

I love chocolate milk

Our special mom

Beautiful view from Bela's floor lobby of downtown Long Beach one morning around 6

I love when you can see Catalina island

Palos Verdes

Catalina again

Day trip to Laguna. It's pronounced "GEL-AH-TOE"

Johnnie Rebs!!!

That's right!

My mom wanted to prove to Amy that she DOES decorate for Fall ....lately.

ok here's the Halloween pictures. Santi ready to trick or treat at the hospital. beautiful. But, wait for it....

Buzz, your girlfriend, woof! Just kidding. I don't have a great caption. This just cracks me up

She dressed up as "Tinkerbela"  Our better pictures are on the other camara at the hospital. Something for you to look forward to!

Lesser known superhero:"Spiacula-Man"

awww....didn't notice Beto's eyepatch was on backwards

Bela continues to baffle doctors. I n fact last week Dr. Z said to her, "Bela you just continue to amaze everyone! You are doing fantastic and you look so good!" And to that, Bela responded, "I know, right?!"


  1. I'm always overjoyed to read when the DRS say she is doing amazing and they baffle her!! All your captions are hilarious Laura. I think you should open for Craig Fergy one day!

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