Saturday, May 07, 2011

A Day Trip

Today we went up in the mountains just about an hour above the city.  Up there it's like a different world...antique, colonial houses and streets, no conjestion, cooler climate and cleaner air, and simpler people.  We picked up our friend Daniel (1) and then he drove our car all day. First we picked up a couple, Daniel (2) and his wife Dania.  They left their 7 month old boy, Joseph, at home with family.
Then we drove up to a little town called Santa Lucia where Daniel(1) has a friend Daniel (3) to whom he needed to drop off some papers.  We basically ate the old fashioned type of popcicles made with whole natural juice, milk, coconut, raisins (depending on the flavor) and visited with Daniel (3) and his family at his house for just about 30 minutes.

Then we drove about 15 more minutes up to a little tourist town called Valle de Angeles, or Valley of the Angels. There are a lot of tourist traps and good places to eat.  We found a great place with a second story balcony where we got to relax and talk for a couple of hours.  When we finished we walked to the central park and then headed downtown to Daniel and Dania's apartment where they fed us a really good cake and coffee. I got the biggest piece in honor of mother's day. Yea me and my ever increasing waste line!!! woohoo!

Now we are home again and I am pooped!!! But in a great way! Please pray for us because MOnday is Beto's appointment in the US Embassy for his residency.  Tomorrow we're going to church, lunch, then packing up and moving for one night to the mission house that is a lot closer to the embassy.Since we have to be there at 7am I want to be close by. I'm not sure we'll have internet there tomorrow night so I'd like to send out that prayer request now. Thanks!

Two Daniels

Love this typical Honduran house

Yes they're just playing

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  1. You take such awesome pictures, and that place looks so beautiful!! I think you should frame that one of Santi and the dog by the doorway, it's a classic!