Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Update on Jorge, Miguel, and Fatima

Miguel and Jorge came by today.  They were both wearing their PE uniforms, looking all proud. Yes, that´s right, they´re back in school after a 2 month teacher strike! Praise God! They seem to be doing pretty well. they have matured alot lately. After the death of their mother they have just moved up the mountain a little bit from where they were living and are being taken care of by an aunt. they have running water in the house and say that they take a bath daily, which, by the looks of them today, is true! yea! They proudly showed us their notebooks of work they´ve done and shared with us that their teacher is talking about moving them up to second or third grade soon, even though the school year won´t end until late November...or maybe January since they´ve missed two months.  Remember that they are 14 and 13 years old, so this would be great! We have a meeting with the teacher tomorrow morning at 7.30.

Speaking of getting up early, this morning a handful of men from church came to the house at 4.30!!! to pray. I helped the night before prepare two breads, banana and orange, and fry up the beans, and cleaned the house. So I stayed in bed when Beto got up at 3am to scramble some eggs, put them on bagettes with ¨sour cream¨and beans.  I also prepared the coffee last night...¨ESPRESSO AMERICANO¨!, SO ALL  Beto had to do this morning was ...¨CLICK¨ turn it on this morning.

This is an old tradition that the men got out of the habit of doing and are starting to get into again. Today was the first one in about a year or more and I´m glad we volunteered, because now we don´t have that hanging over our heads...¨should we invite this week¿¨but others will have to volunteer each week now.

I actually really like getting up early. WAIT. I think I just heard my mom faint!  In theory more than in practice.  Since the men made a little bit too much noise around 5.30 Santi woke up and then wanted to go eat with them. So we stayed up and I got a lot done, which I really needed to do. Santi andBeto took early naps around 10am and Santi went to bed early which means he should get up early, which I like much better than getting up at almost 10. ugh...

I spent most of my day at the computer reviewing a bunch of times all the paperwork that Beto has to have ready for his  US Residency interview at the embassy here in May! woo hoo! It´s a lot of details and we HAVE to have it all correct the first time.

Something we have to bring to the interview is proof of our relationship since the beginning and with santi, family, friends, in different settings, etc. So I spent a few hours going through all of our photos on Facebook, our blog, and our computer.  I found some of Miguel from when we first met him and I didn´t realize he was so small then and how much he´s grown!!! It´s amazing to look back and see from where and to where God has brought him and his family.

Last Sunday we were taking his older sister and her family back home after church and Beto asked her when was the first time she ever went to church. She said when we took her just a few years ago, and she´s in her early twenties. We had no idea. Sometimes we don´t realize what God is doing through us or that He is using us, but He is always Faithful!

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