Sunday, April 10, 2011

A day Out!!! and etc...

Not the best picture but to give an idea of how cows are transported to their tis. We saw a larger cow in a smaller truck last week. but couldn´t get a picture of that.

Santi wore his lifevest for about an hour after he got out of the boat, when he went on  a walk with ¨Uncle Daniel¨.  There were beautiful cabbage and potato fields. 

My boat´s crew captain. 11 years old.

This tiny old lady could steer these three mean cows like nobody´s business.

¨the Dock¨

Lake Chiligatoro

I love the brightly colored houses

Mr. Daniel....champion rower

Getting ready to go. I think this was Santi´s first boat ride. this was an unplanned adventure.

Eric, 12, first time seeing a lake. 

I really don´t know what´s happening here. 


Resting.  Here Mr. Daniel is imitating the cows across the way.

Wow. What a pretty river.

Picking wild blackberries. YUM! This is Jose. He was one of my first grade students my first year teaching in La Esperanza. He´s in fifth grade now!

Santi really enjoyed being outside! We walked...and walked...and walked...


mmmm....NON Poop-flavored carne! yea!

Our old friends invited us to their new property where we BBQ´s and explored. 

Enjoying the new homemade playdough and toothpicks

I showed him how to make a snowman and use toothpicks as arms 

Santi´s ¨snowman¨ 


  1. Hi Perezes,

    I had fun "catching up" with you guys today. Hope the paper work is coming along OK. God bless you,

    David Cron

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