Friday, July 16, 2010


Living room

notice the ¨fireplace¨. yea!

patio after I cleaned it

Santi reading
Water pump.


other view of living room and front door

back yard. dada making the guard rails and burning the trash. what a multitasker!

our vacuum cleaner! wow, we are rich!

enjoying his snack.

¨Let me out!¨

more of backyard

patio out back

dining room, kitchen

visiting Beverly and Ken

playing with beans. thanks for the idea, Amber!

front garden

The whole point of having Santi in Honduras, besides the fact that it was becuase we´re cheap, was to more easily get my Honduran residency so we don´t have to leave the country every 90 days to renew my VISA. We already paid the lawyer and gave her all the paperwork. She said she´s on it and would call us in a few months when the residency is ready. Well, last night we get a call from her. Apparently for the Honduran government Santi´s original birth certificate isn´t good enough proof that he was indeed born here. I want to tell them that I have a video of the birth if they want to see it. Will that be good enough proof? But alas, the lawyer says we need to get a ¨constancia¨, or letter of proof, from the hospital. OK. So we go to the hospital this morning covered in a lot of prayer becuase I´m thinking, ¨This sounds easy but it´s going to be very difficult for some reason becuase we´re in HOnduras.¨ So I ask at the front desk and they send me to administration who then sends me to another office and there they tell me to wait. So I wait for about ten minutes, not bad.

Then they tell me that the director isn´t in and it could be a few days, blah blah blah. I wasn´t surprised to say the least. Then they begin to ask me some questions. ¨What´s the mother´s name?¨And I´m thinking, Why don´t you just ask me MY name becuase I´m the mother! But I just say, ¨I´m the mother¨. And they say, ¨No, the biological mother.¨ ¨I AM the biological mother, I gave birth here!¨

¨Oh!¨And you could see in their faces it was like the lightbulb had gone on. They thought Santi was adopted. They said he looks nothing like me and usually boys look more like their moms, especially if she´s ¨gringa¨. So they say, ¨Oh, well, it will be much easier for you then.¨ Whew! So they look up the info on the computer and about 20 minutes later we walked out with what we needed, praise God!
We are doing well, enjoying the new house. Beto made a guard rail for Santi´s full size bed which is high off the ground. Once Santi recovered from his intestinal infection he woke up with a cough. So far his snot is clear and he hasn´t had a fever so I´m hoping it´s just becuase of the change in climate.

We have enjoyed having internet in the house and making some more necessary purchases, visiting with friends and ¨brothers¨from church.

Now we have to take the ¨Constancia¨from the hospital and my old passport back to Teguc. to the lawyer. We´d appreciate your prayers that we have no more glitches and the Residency comes out on time without problems.


  1. I really your house, Laura! So nice!!! Hope Santi feels better. Love you guys!

  2. So happy to hear that Santi's snot is clear!

    Actually, I guess that is good news.

    Your house looks really nice! Glad you're getting settled in.


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