Sunday, April 21, 2013

A "Poppy" Festival and a Sugar Fast

Let me just start by saying that when I go to something titled such as, say, "Poppy Festival", I kind of expect there to be, oh, I don't know, poppies!?

So we had planned and saved and were all excited to drive aaaaalll the way out to the middle of nowhere, aka, California desert, which has been made into some little cities.  Our car got tired on the way there because of all the hills, so I get to take it in tomorrow, but I digress.

The Lancaster Poppy Festival: "Don't expect to see any actual poppies" should be emblazoned across all of their souvenirs.  I was so excited to see acres and acres of fields of bright, orange poppies in all their wonderful California glory!  I guess now looking back I should've known: there wasn't any mention of full poppy fields on the event website. I was also kind of expecting there to be everything-under-the-sun made out of poppies: poppy bracelets, headbands, necklaces and earrings, poppy ice-cream, lemon poppy-seed muffins, poppy seed scones, cookies, cakes, and lolli-pops (poppy-pops, anyone?)  poppy-colored Crocs, poppy-bongs and poppy chapstick, just to name a few.

There was a lot to do for the kids though.  Carnival-like rides, petting zoo's, dog shows, a little circus, camel rides, and playgrounds.  There was an abundance of food and different kinds of vendors of all things imaginable, mostly stuff that's never actually needed.  It was pretty expensive, as festivals tend to be, but at least parking was free.  That was a surprise.  So while I'm glad we went yesterday, I'm not sure we'll ever go again.  So next on the list is a day-trip down to Carlsbad to see real live flowers, in fields!
One of the many rides Santi went on.

A 21-day Sugar Fast

Starting here is where I'll tell you a little bit about my sugar fast.  I saw just a quick headline online somewhere about a 21-day sugar fast, and I thought, Hmmmm....I'm trying to lose some weight, get in shape for bikini season (not that I'll ever wear a bikini again), this could be good.

I tried not to be too strict or stressed out about it because that's when the fast starts to control me instead of the other way around.  I did totally cut out certain things like sodas, chocolate, candy, ice-cream, cake, and of course, sugar in my iced-tea, etc. But it was hard to TOTALLY cut out sugar altogether.  There is sugar in EVERYTHING!  The obvious is fruit and juice with its variations, but there's sugar in even the healthiest cereals, yogurts, oatmeal, breads, and even condiments like ketchup and salad dressings.

   I am happy with how I did, and I feel a lot better physically and mentally!  I did let myself try just a few things here and there along the way, though: a sip of Beto's sweet tea from Chik-Fil-a, a bite of my sister's berry cobbler, etc.  In the end what I learned most is that I am not made to live without sugar.  If God made it, then the body needs it.  Now I'm not talking about going all out and eating all sugar all day everyday.  Of course in moderation.  Life is just "sweeter" (excuse the pun) with chocolate!  Especially the "at least 65% cocoa dark chocolate bar with antioxidants". 

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